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We Cross Cancer

With Berlin for Alberta Cancer Foundation - Cross Cancer Institute

Brand/campaign language

Script/story writing for video

Video Credits:

Script/Story: Jon Manning

Creative Director: David Landreth

Director/Producer: Morgan Gold

Nobody goes through it alone. We Cross Cancer. Together.

The Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton is world class. They are home to leading minds in cancer research and treatment. With their homegrown advancements, patients and their loved ones receive hope, inspiration and more time together. 


The We Cross Cancer campaign launched in 2022 to raise $30 million so that more research, and advancements can continue to change the way we treat cancer here and beyond. 


This campaign and supporting brand work came from one undeniable truth: No matter how isolating the cancer journey may be, no matter how lonely it can feel, nobody goes through it alone. Through research, treatment, love and support, we cross cancer together. 

Jon wrote the new brand tagline, video script and set the campaign voice and tone. Scroll down after the video to see campaign elements. 


Script Example

Script example.png

Social Banner

Social Banner

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LinkedIn Ad

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Additional Graphics

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