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Cries at keyboard until copywriting appears

How does great copy get created?

Nobody knows. Nobody except Jon Manning.


Jon is a talented freelance copywriter who’s great to work with. He is handsome.

- Judy, Jon’s mom ('84 - present)


With a solid 15 years of advertising experience, an education in marketing, half a semester of personal fitness training education, a formal education and career in Theatre Arts, and playing bass guitar in a wedding band, Jon is no stranger to finding creative ways to connect with audiences.

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Jon works with brands and the people behind them to create distinct voices that inspire action and behaviour change. Whether writing business to business or business to consumer, the underlying truth—while tone may change—is that the work needs to connect with people. And to do that, Jon makes sure he understands the target audiences before writing a single word.

Jon forged his expertise in the fiery depths of Edmonton’s advertising agencies. He knows what it takes to create and sell effective copywriting and ideas. He also knows that the best work comes from collaboration. As a freelance copywriter and creative director, Jon works with marketing and creative teams to build strategic and creative directions that work. And because the creative process should be fun, Jon is fun to work with. Probably.

It may come as no surprise that Jon Manning Writes is a one-person shop belonging to Jon Manning who writes. It's very boutique, and so is Jon. Businesses and organizations work directly with him to procure great copy and ideas. And advertising agencies get a reliable writer who isn’t afraid to jump in headfirst and take some calculated risks. And as an added bonus, Jon's not an asshole.

You should work with Jon

Get yourself a copywriter and creative director you can collaborate with. You know, someone who can structure out an enjoyable creative process that leads to smart, results-driven work that doesn't suck. 


Make the first move. Get in touch at

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