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Jon Manning is one of my favourite freelance copywriters in Edmonton. Everything he writes turns to gold.

- Jon Manning, 2020


Freelance Copywriting
You’ve got the message, Jon can help you say it in a way that resonates with your audiences. Starting rate is $125/hr. Because Jon watched L'Oréal ads as a kid, he knows he's worth it. After working with him, you will too. 

Web Copywriting
Web copy needs to hook its audience immediately AND NEVER LET GO. It also needs to be edited for SEO while still sounding human. Jon can freelance write and edit your web copy so it’s engaging and effective.

Social Media Writing
Jon can work and write with an existing image bank, and help you plan your posts. If you need help developing post ideas and direction for imagery, you've come to the right Jon Manning.

Brand Story
Your brand story is unique. It’s based on a strategic foundation that comes from a unique vision and your audience’s understanding of who you are. A great brand story provides a road map for how a brand speaks. Jon can write that for you. 

Copywriting Coaching

Look at you. You're in the copywriting prime of your life. If only someone could help you take your writing to the next level. Well, someone can. And someone's name is me, Jon Manning. Let's build a coaching plan to write award-winning, persuasive copy. Initial consult fee is $125 for up to an hour. 

Creative Direction
Whether you need help leading a creative team, or coming up with the big idea, Jon is ready to jump in to provide guidance that’ll lead to profoundly effective advertising.

Copy Edits
Sometimes all you need is a second set of eyes to take your existing copy from good to great Scott the people are responding to our messaging! And it feels so good. 
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