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See Beyond—See the Lives

With Hoopla Media 


Video supers



From heartbreak to hope


Every so often, a project comes along that becomes more than a project. For Jon, there’s no better example of that than See Beyond. Hoopla Media had the creative vision. As a freelance copywriter, Jon was brought in help to tie the video series together from a messaging perspective.


Working with Hoopla and project stakeholders including family members of people who were lost due to substance use, overdose and suicide, we customized the copy for each video while creating a unifying theme to bring the series together.


The website copy and visuals match the tone of the videos while providing context, resources, and a home for the series. 


Hoopla’s creative direction inspired the final name of the project. Jon helped refine it. So often in the news, we see the issue, stats and substance use. This project asks us all to see more. It helps audiences see beyond to the individuals suffering, those who have been lost, and their families, friends, coworkers and communities.


Through its raw honesty, and the unflinching bravery of the loved ones sharing their stories of loss, this project continues to be effective while shining a light on a crisis still affecting our communities today.


See Beyond won the Ace Awards Best in Show in 2019.

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