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Amarjeet Sohi Mayoral Campaign


Script writing

Web copy

Brochure copy

Speech writing

Script and speech writing in collaboration with Serena Mah Consulting.

Design: Nigel Hood

Photography: Veczan Photo

Amarjeet For Mayor


Amarjeet Sohi has been a bus driver, city councillor and federal cabinet minister. In the early 2021, he set his sights on a new job: Mayor of Edmonton. The campaign launched in May.


Jon worked on the campaign team to develop a video script for launch day, as well as copy for the campaign website and a direct mail piece.

As Election Day got closer, Jon assisted on another video script that debuted on Thanksgiving. 

Jon also helped write Amarjeet's victory speech on Election Night. 

I Love This City

I Will Be There

Sohi's Victory Speech


AmerjeetSohi-Print-3.65x8.5-Print001 (2)-1.jpg
AmerjeetSohi-Print-3.65x8.5-Print001 (2)-2.jpg

Twitter Reactions

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